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Overstrike mode is the default edit mode for MusiCAD. This in contrast to the - still available - insert mode in prior versions.

Overstrike mode is selected when the insert-mode button overstrike_mode.jpg is not down.


Note-deletions will result in a rest of the same duration. A 1/4 note will overstrike 4 consecutive 1/16 notes etc.


On overwrite MusiCAD will take into account durations and position within a bar.


If default note-duration was selected as 1/8, <Enter> will overstrike the existing 1/2-note with result shown below.


Once more <Enter> when duration was selected as 1/1 results in::


Some trouble causing features are disabled during overstrike:

    insertion of a meter-change other than at the end,

    insertion of a block other than at the end,

    insertion of a fragment other than at the end,

Overstrike mode