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On some occasions an unexpected (and hopefully seldom) error occurs that prevents MusiCAD from normal continuation.

These errors have a 4 digit number that might give us a clue what went wrong.


Most of the time it is possible to continue by choosing OK. However, continuing might introduce other errors. Generally speaking, the first 4-digit error is important, further errors will have been induced by the first one, and may be discarded. Please do report any reproducible error, providing as much information as possible.


If the same error keeps popping up you might select Ignore to prevent the error from popping up.

When selecting Abort, MusiCAD will exit abruptly leaving some files intact that will invoke the errorrecovery mechanism next time you start MusiCAD.


Errorcode 9999 is the last resort for error catching. Without this error 9999 popping up, MusiCAD would have been terminated by the operating system...


If MusiCAD suddenly starts emitting should-not-happen errors, you might try resetting all default settings using the green button.

Should not happen