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Several file-related options may be set to accommodate your needs.



Interval in minutes between automatic autosave-copies

Max # backupcopies

Number of backup-copies to maintain on explicit save

Global # reverts

Number of global revert-to-last situations (global undo)

Recall last

Automatic recall of last edited file

Previous files

Number of files to list on the bottom of the File-menu

Read Layout

Read layout information from musicad-files (if any)

Write layout

Write layout information that is different from template (or if no template was supplied from factory default).

Save entire layout

Write entire layout information disregarding template.

Short filenames

Shorten filenames to use 8.3 filename convention

Force Webhelp

Use web-based help instead of file-based help.


Shortcut definitions

Use Hotkey/Shortcuts key-combinations as defined in the file supplied.

MusiCAD layout template

Layout template to be used before a file will be read; any layout parameter in the MusiCAD will override the information from the template unless read-layout was disabled.

ABC layout template

Layout template to be used after reading an abc-file.

MIDI-layout template

Layout template to be used after reading a midi-file.

Text layout template

Layout template to be used after reading a text file


Key assignment when using the PC-keyboard as midi-input


MIDI-instrument assignment and naming, which MIDI-instrument should correspond to a midi-program number and how should percussion instruments be mapped onto notes