violin.jpgMusic for violin is written as it sounds using a treble clef.


A few things to keep in mind when notating music for violin:.

    bowing direction may be specified with up- or down-bow signs

    apart form necessary ties, most slur symbols are meant to indicate that notes combined with it are to be played with one bowing stroke.

    finger placement for the left hand is 1 index finger 2: middle finger 3: ring finger 4: pinky. An open string may get fingering 0

    flageolets are written with diamond-shaped notes.

    lowest note playable is G3, highest note without need of left position-playing is A5

    strings may be numbered above the staff with roman ciphers from highest to lowest I = E5, II = A4 , III = D4 , IV = A3

    use pizzicato or pizz. above the staff to instruct player to play notes without bow, use arco to start use of bow again

    use of a mute is specified with con sordino or con sord. and cancelled by senza sord.


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