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How do I start?

See the quick start reference

What is the fastest way to enter notes?

Use the arrow-keys (up/down) to position the cursor and hit <enter> to insert the note.

Durations may be altered afterwards by <F4>, <F5>, <F6>, <F7>.

Something's terribly wrong! What is the first thing to do?

Try using undo. If the problem persist try using the green button

How do I place an accidental?

By moving a note up or down using <+> and ><-> but remember to select the right key beforehand!

What is the easiest way to accomplish layout related tasks?

Use layout templates

How do I extract a part from a score?

Select the desired part within the score dialog and unmark the score-tick

Is MusiCAD easily transferred from one PC to another without need of a new license?

A license for MusiCAD is hardware dependent and cannot be transferred to another computer. However, a second license is available for only 10 Euro. Your music (saved on computer with a valid license) can be used anywhere without license.

I get 'funny' looking scores when I open music written on my laptop on my desktop-PC. On my laptop everything looks OK...

Most likely you were using MusiCAD unlicensed on your laptop... Your scores are scrambled such way that the can be unscrambled only on your laptop. If you want to be able to transfer scores from one PC to another, be sure to have a valid license on PC you are writing your scores.

I just bought a new computer and now I can't read my scores anymore; all notes are wrong!

Obviously you didn't have a (valid) license for your old PC... To be able to use your scores again, buy a license, and e-mail your scores to Musys Software so that we can unscramble your scores. A licensed MusiCAD version will save scores unscrambled.

I can't hear music anymore from MusiCAD, what's going on?

Unavailability of sound within MusiCAD most likely has to do with a MIDI-level set to zero in the windows mixer settings. Installation of Windows Mediaplayer is likely known to have that side effect.

Try opening any .MID-file (not .WAV or .MP3) with another application (not MusiCAD) to verify that midi-playback is available and working. If MIDI-files play allright in Mediaplayer but MusiCAD is not able to play any of the demo-files, you should verify the setting of [Options|MIDI-setup|Sound] to make sure a MIDI-driver is available. Also make sure that MIDI-playback isn't routed to a MIDI-port as most users will not have a MIDI-synthesizer/keyboard attached to their computer
Quite a few Vista-installations do not install all MIDI-playback facilities out-of-the-box due to unavailable Vista-drivers... A MIDI-driver-update might be necessary.

My question is not listed here...

Not yet. You can drop your questions on the MusiCAD forum and/or wiki


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