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Try before you buy

By downloading MusiCAD and installing you can try the program as long as you like. Of course, there are a few evaluation mode restrictions but these do not limit your scores in size or possibilities.

If you want to register your evaluation copy of MusiCAD you will need to buy a license-key.

When you are satisfied with the program as it is functioning, and want to get rid of the restrictions of the evaluation mode, you can email the license application form from within MusiCAD using [Help|Registration]. See registration for a more detailed description. You may use your creditcard in a pay-pal transaction, as described below. Please note that the license is bound to one specific computer. If we have received both the license-fee and the registration-form for the computer you will be using MusiCAD with, we will send your license-code by email.

Payment options

Bank money order (preferred within EU)


International money transactions using Paypal are quick and easy. See www.paypal.com for more information.
MusiCAD 4 - license45 euro
MusiCAD 4 - upgrade20 euro
MusiCAD 4 - 2nd license10 euro
MusiCAD 4 evaluationFree! (no time limit)
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